The Cove

1/1.5 Storey - 1327 to 2007 sq ft

The Cove

1.5 Story
Cove Bungalow: 1327 sq ft
Cove Loft: 2007 sq ft

Base price includes the base home, lot and HST.
Cove $ 699,900
Cove Loft $ 818,400

Get ready for your home to become the next place for ALL social gatherings. With its substantial dining, living, and kitchen area, connected to the back porch upgrade, this Cove is anything but a small space near the waterfront! Not only does its open half bath make hosting guests that much easier, but the owners get to enjoy an entire full bath, within their bedroom, at the same time. Talk about efficient, comfortable, and fun!

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*Subject to slight variations


*Subject to slight variations

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