The Huron

1/1.5 Story - 1218 to 1766 sq ft

The Huron

1/1.5 Story
The Huron Bungalow: 1218 sq ft
The Huron Loft: 1766 sq ft

Base price includes the base home, lot and HST.
Huron $ 747,900
Huron Loft $ 847,500

Feel right at home as you walk into the wonder that is The Huron. Its open foyer space entices all who enter to hang up their coats and stay for a while. Whether you’re looking for a perfect retiree bungalow, or cozy family loft-style, everyone falls in love with the large Master Bedroom and its spacious walk-in closet. The combined living and dining space allows those beautiful sunsets to melt right at your couches’ view. To put it simply: you can’t go wrong with The Huron!

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*Subject to slight variations


*Subject to slight variations

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